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I have been working non-stop since Mio’s treatments have been down to once a week and this week we get to take a break. Its hard being away from him but it comforts me knowing that I can afford to be away this much only because he is getting better. The guilt of not being there is stronger lately but really no point for me to complain. I can afford to buy him the lemonade he asked and a few more Spongebob toys and coloring books, as well as vitamins for the household without having to touch a penny of the donation money because I manage to do my responsibility. Forgive me for my rambling, I’m basically rationalizing and pacifying my guilt. Cancer or no cancer, I guess any single parent would be able to relate with how hard it is to be accused of “not spending time” when the slightest joy brought about by delightful conversatios injected between work feels like a pinch when missing your child is as frequent as your heartbeat.

Meanwhile, what brings joy to my heart on a more vain approach are these photos captured by one of my best friends lately, I’ve asked her to grace us with her talent and share it with the world. We need recent shots for a magazine we’re being featured in since all our “captured moments” seem to be overused since the concert and the feature done by Qtube of QTV last Thursday (I must admit, being featured on TV, regardless of how unglamorous I looked–I’m quite embarassed to have looked so kawawa, but I was actually trying to differentiate my role as a Mom to Mio as how they recently interviewed me that same week for a styling gig. Mejo nakakalito hehe). Uhm. They’re really nice, I’m so excited to share them with you! And I was actually more excited about the fact that Mio was more cooperative than most of our shoots in the past, its almost as if feel na feel na niyang sikat sya 🙂 I’m so glad he’s just a kid and that since he’s getting better, the spoiling can be toned down a bit so I’m striking quite a balance in that department (although it worries me that his appetite has dropped, I had to explain to him that his medicine is making him not like eating so he has to eat when he’s told now).

Anyway, the pictures! 🙂

Photos by Christine Clemente

Hair extensions from Azta Urban Salon, Eastwood City branch

Mio’s clothes from La Playa


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