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Christmas Spirit

This is one of those Mondays that I woke up more grateful everyday than yesterday. Every Monday is a MioMonday for me because I wake up and end the day beside this precious little boy who inspires so many people by simply being the good boy that’s he’s always been. I probably did something right to deserve a man like him in my life. He explores my working space like its his own, finding his comfort and amusement here. He is patient like that, like in all things, his medication included. He doesn’t ask when his next chemo is although he keeps asking what day it is. He knows his next visit to the hospital is on a Monday and that’s next week. I’m sure he’s not excited about it but he seems neither evasive on the matter. He diligently wears his mask, even puts his hand over his nose and mouth at night when his mask came off and I said, “that’s ok, Mommy’s not sick and its just the two of us.” Shame on me for being so linient while my son insists. He even called me in the bedroom last night and said, “I want to clean my hands Mom.” He said that while lying down. I don’t want to know what he touched for him to want to clean his hands, so I obliged right away. Haha

Last Monday was spent with high school friends, the first of the many reunions I will have for the next two months I assume. We’re also sending off Lachi to the States as she is about to move on and bring the memory of her father on to fulfilling her dreams and taking care of her family this time. Good luck Lach!

MioMondays are perfect for your reunions and intimate gatherings this holiday season!

Reserve your seats by texting Alessa @ 09177371376. MioMondays are set on Nov 23, Dec 7 and 21 @ Pino Resto Bar, 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, QC Menu includes white asparagus soup w/ taragon oil, fried kesong puti salad w/ seared scallops & fennel in mango vinaigrette, tempura oyster & pearl amuse mouche, cured salmon w/ miso mashed sweet potatoes & caper-butter sauce OR chorizo & ebi tempura surf & turf paella w/ serrano ham served with wine or iced tea capped off w/ Pino’s signature dessert, their chocolate tempura. Yum!

Mio’s own version of his mini-reunions. With all his cousins Moira, Meg & Sophie

the StART with Mio artists on a MioMonday. Please check http://miotheartist.blogspot.com for details

It was as usual a delightful dinner along with the artists of StART with Mio, the collaborative work done by Alessa Libongco and various artists. They’re working on Mio’s doodles as initial parts of big artworks that will be put on display in Gallery 7, Eastwood throughout December. I hope you can come see it. These works will be sold at a premium price or auctioned off. All of course to continue funding Mio’s treatments and help others like the Kythe kids we interacted with last Saturday at the I Am Hope Campaign. We’re also happy to report that the devoted funds from the Mio Fights Cancer Benefit Concert have been distributed to Mio’s chemomates, the other charity patients of his doctor, Dr. Allan Racho.

Its like christmas everyday since we experienced cancer. I honestly think this will be the best christmas in our life so far. I hope you feel the same spirit too.


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