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Christmas Songs

Mio’s been humming along with her Tita Clems everytime he sees the big christmas tree in Eastwood whenever he has tutoring for Math in those lazy weekday afternoons. His cheeks are smaller now, much like how he looked prior to chemo but he’s healthy, no worries. He’s been receiving loot bags and gifts from everywhere, its his best christmas I think. We’ve also been sneaking in “Santa Claus” gifts in his christmas sock whenever he sleeps early when we realized that he keeps staying up late waiting for me to finish work. His immune system is ok now but it worries me to death that him being so high on his current medication tires him easily. An hour’s drive easily exhausts him, I can’t plan to take him out somewhere less polluted in fear of his recurring mood swings and boredom. That’s what he’s sick of actually, its draining the patience out of me.

The holiday cheer isn’t as cheerful as it I have imagined with all the work and weddings this month but as long as Mio is doing well, its a merry merry christmas all year long. Speaking of cheerful songs, Notecracker’s Melomanila CD compilation of their original songs were given out as a company give-away and proceeds go to Mio as their christmas gift to him (by the company and by Notecracker! wow!) Thank you! His christmas tree drawing is used in CD cover, check it out 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hmmm hmmm hmmm….


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