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Cancer Networks and Their Benefit

I would like you to welcome our first ever guest Blogger, Mr. David Haas 🙂 For all our readers around the globe, family or friend of someone struck with cancer, I hope that this post will help you in one way or another.

Going through cancer treatments takes a serious toll on people’s health. They suffer devastating physical effects, such as losing their hair and losing weight. They may become anemic, fatigued, and incapacitated from living their normal lives. Many patients become discouraged as they fight this condition. To boost their morale and to give them others to speak with as they battle cancer, including mesothelioma, many doctors recommend that patients join cancer survivor networks.

These networks are filled with people who have fought and won this battle against this illness. Some people in the network may still be dealing with the condition. Groups can be found online and at local medical facilities. Many hospitals host such groups, both in person and virtually. If a patient is not capable of leaving his or her home because of the treatments’ effects, that individual can take part in discussion and activities online.

Being surrounded by others who have experienced the same physical and emotional effects as the cancer patient helps that person face the fears that are often involved in dealing with cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, a person can voice a particular concern and get feedback from other members of the network. Survivors can offer advice, sympathy, and prayers for other members who are still suffering from cancer. The survivors’ successes give hope to those patients who are undergoing treatments.

Visual proof may come in the form of writing. Many networks encourage members to keep diary entries or to write short narrations of their cancer ordeal. They can voice the frustrations, fears, confusion, anger, and even joy that come with dealing with cancer. They can describe their feelings as they deal with setbacks and successes. Putting one’s thoughts into writing lets people vent their inner emotions that might otherwise cause mental strain. Their narrations also give insight to others who may not know what to expect from their own treatments ahead of them.

Many doctors realize the importance of patients’ building a support network when they fight this deadly condition. Rather than shutting themselves up in their homes, away from friends and family, patients can join cancer survivor networks and gain insight, advice, and empathy in their own cancer journey. Being supported by others plays a vital role in defeating this devastating illness.


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