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Broken Heart

A broken heart is really actually broken when you think about it.

There’s no way of repairing it and all you can do is take caution to avoid further damage.

The heart is suppose to be the most resilient muscle. Strong enough to love others, correct?

However, once it has a tear, everything comes in like a blow. When it shatters, all the feelings come in waves random and thrown all over the place.

So when a heart is broken your senses are developed and heightened.

As if there’s a higher, keener sense of knowing every inch of what each party feels.

And the familiar feelings become stronger every time it comes.

So even if one doesn’t like the feeling Or know that the feeling is shallow and tiny compared to how it should have felt previously

the feelings barge in anyhow and explode.

The slightest pain feel like ten times, the smallest hint of joy takes you on a different high.

You might think this develops empathy. Or perhaps it may appear to be drama.

But for one who has his heart broken, its the hardest thing to deal with.

To have to cry over the littlest and most insignificant feelings or even to feel ecstatic over giddy moments.

It is a hassle to feel so much.

Once your heart is broken The slightest pain or touch Feel greater than it should.

Everything feels more. Every feeling is more than in should.

A broken heart will always be broken.

*As per facebook status, the author’s heart is broken. As of blog time, she refuses to date lesbians, teachers, rockstars, call center agents, celebrities, engineers and lawyers most especially. Ever.

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