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Better Safe than Sorry

I’m really pleased with the way Mio dresses nowadays. It’s not just the abundance of cool, urban clothing that he now owns, but also his compulsion to say “NO” to what I pick out for him seems to have dissipated. Button-down=check! Walking shorts=check! Shoes instead of Crocs=check! I confess that I do have a certain urge to dress him up according to what I’ll be wearing, but don’t we all? Ironically, his reluctance was during the younger years. You’d think that because he’s a big boy now, he’ll be more hesitant of my suggestions or choices for his couture. To my surprise, and delight, he became more open-minded in terms of fashion. Gone are the days that he’ll thoughtlessly pick Lightning McQueen over a crisp polo shirt. Or insist on wearing his worn-out green Crocs instead of sneakers, no matter what color shirt he’s wearing. One of my greatest validations as a parent, and needless to say stylist, was when he told me he liked all his new clothes, and said thank you. It was a very simple statement, but nevertheless, it brought so much joy in my heart to know that he appreciates even the simple act as buying him clothes.

His best accessory by far though is this! I think that today brought me to this epiphany mainly because when we purchased this sweet something, he didn’t budge and he knew that it was for his own good. That’s the theme of this week, what with the family drama and the storm and earthquake. We can never be too safe so a hard hat among our other crisis bags, whistles and flashlight packing is… we think you should do the same 🙂

Happy styling!

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