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Being Fluid

I was saying in one of my recent posts that we like freelancing mainly because of the flexibility of our schedules. And when Mio catches a cold or ends up with a temperature that’s a tad bit too high, we get to adjust. Except that we’re not really that fluid financially. Not all the time. Yeah, God provides. We get to pay bills and eat 3 meals a day everyday (thank you) but if something bad happened, like an emergency, we feel a tidal wave coming our way. Like last weekend for instance. If it weren’t because we were actually tightening our belts so we can be comfortable and feel safe while we’re out of the country for Mio’s Make A Wish wish grant in Hong Kong (which didn’t push through because of the outburst of scarlet fever in that region), I wouldn’t have been able to check out of my 2 days stay in the hospital for gastritis. Speaking of Mio catching something in the air, Mio usually is allowed to play and run around especially when it’s P.E. time in school and he enjoys that a lot. For some reason, what with the kind of hot and cold weather, his body apparently couldn’t take 5 minutes under the sun. As if our family needed a kind of fluid tech to function normally, next thing I know, he was manifesting the same gastritis symptoms I had just last weekend. It’s nothing contagious really and I’m not blaming it on eating habits (because God knows how conscious we are about eating healthy and on time–well, desserts and sweets are a different topic for me altogether but Mio’s diet is well-taken cared of, no worries). I guess in the same way that I was diagnosed with a combination of fatigue and the wrong mix of vitamins + antibiotics that irritated my stomach, Mio’s cereal + pandesal + running + lots of water that morning caused him being nauseaus and an evening in warm temperature. So we had to keep him at home today to avoid contact in case some of his classmates had the flu seeing that he might be susceptible to it (he has chemo scheduled tomorrow). Lunch was a date for us because he requested to make pizza at a nearby restaurant. Which was a treat considering his trauma over eating since yesterday. So I concurred. I had to order him a yummy drink like lemonade so I can mix in his appetite-boosting vitamins. And lo and behold. Another accident. Poor Mio. But right after, he was fine! I hope tomorrow’s check up with the doctor tells us that we can stay on track his treatment schedule and that he’s fine. I pray for good CBC results from yesterday after his fever shot up. Pray with me please?

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