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Sometimes I get schitzo with this parenting thing.

One day I’m ecstatic and get 100+ likes on a Facebook status proclaiming Mio’s outstanding grades and then the next is my frustration about his incessant crying over nonsensical things (like my new haircut).

It’s partly hormonal as it’s that time of the month so I’m sure most Moms out there can relate to this never-ending internal conflict.

I turn to co-parents for advise and a breather and I’m confident enough to say that it’s hard. Parenting is hard. And our kids– no matter how much we love them– will drive us insane without a balanced parenting style.

Sometimes, I turn to the “experts” in the guise of published articles and they’re great help (whether you agree or just find your parenting method challenged with what they have to say).

THIS one in particular is a good read which I applied when Mio exuberantly announced that he got the awards in Best in Language, Reading, Math, Art, Penmanship and Filipino along with a 1st Honor Award for the 3rd quarter. Instead of pointing out that he’s a smart boy, I said thank you and that I was proud of him because he got those grades from working hard in school, listening to teacher, studying on his own and diligently doing his homework.

To cap off this post on the universal perills of motherhood, please hope on over to the International Museum of Women‘s website where you’ll find Rebie Ramoso’s interpretation of a portrait Teresa Barrozo took of me and Mio when he was 5 years old 🙂 We’re happy that we get to be part of this since the artwork will be used for their materials to move their cause (of supporting women around the world) forward.

My Love is Steadfast graphic artwork by Rebie Ramoso 

based on Teresa Barrozo’s photo 

of Jasmine & Mio Mendiola

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