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A Quarter of a Year

Updated: Apr 11

I can’t believe it took me 3 months to get back on the keyboard! Que horror! It’s no wonder I’m hardly in the loop these days.

In case you’re wondering if I suddenly decided to become a hermit or died, hello! I’m still alive!

Its also been over 3 months since we embarked on a life-changing entrepreneurial venture that seems to have taken over my life in a matter of weeks. 35 days of construction and many sleepless nights later, we’ve opened a 3-in-1 shop near our Quezon City subdivision. We’ve been open for a month and I still get butterflies in my stomach when a customer walks in in awe of the products and services we offer at Quento.

Its no Quentong Barbero — we’re in business with some good friends who have been so good, patient and trusting of their hard-earned money, investing in this idea Paolo and I have had for years.

You see, we’ve been literally brewing this concept since I was pregnant with Paco and for some reason, we never seem to hit the right spot to actually get to give it a full go, not until recently. Everything since we found this beautiful corner frontage 70sqm space beside our branch of account did we feel things fall into place.

No offense to those who actually went through it but it feels like the past months have become an MBA crash course of sorts! I had never dreamt of owning a coffeeshop; hindi ko pinangarap maging labandera; and I most definitely didn’t imagine myself owing a barbershop. Yet here I am managing all 3 and in full speed! I am so in love with our small staff of 6, our menu and the whole vibe of the store — I just can’t get enough of all the high vibes coming in, thankfully overshadowing some curveballs we’ve come across thus far.

I resent to think that my passion and love for beauty and makeup will have to take a backseat, so no. I am claiming it so. In fact, Paolo has made it more possible for me to juggle between these two roles as efficiently as possible by transferring my studio/ apothecary one floor up our shop and it has become a space of strong willfull manifestations, I get happy tired getting things done in it. I can honestly say that I have never felt as excited as I do for a brand new year. Happy New Year!


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