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A Not So Full-time Mom Life

Updated: Apr 11

I’ve written this on previous blogs but rewriting it anyway for those who have newly scrolled in.

My name is Jasmine and I’m a Beauty Strategist. The truth is, I’m just a Mom who have tried to make ends meet with what I know how to do. For most of my life I thought I was going to be in theater. Then I was given opportunities to hone one of the technical skills I learned backstage on print and retail.

I initially felt like my work was so precarious and insignificant (if there was a World War III would I be essential for anything?!) But realized that I get to relate to and somehow motivate the people I work with. I guess being a Makeup Artist and Style Consultant has benefits to some. And creating things — in my case, producing media of sorts has always been something I’m good at too. So for those following me here, let me start off with a huge thanks for keeping up with the occasional selfies, the barage of Roux’s baby photos, proclamation of love for Pao and for the constant love and support my hero, Mio has received from you from since my single Momhood.

My hope was that every now and then, my work and product posts have helped put your happiness on the front row seat of your busy life, by inspiring you with real confidence that will last you as long as you need it, whether for a big beauty moment or a regular day.

Hoping you’re having a beautiful day as I push my grocery cart in my pregnant butt after finishing a makeup gig on this early Monday holiday! Chiao! 💋


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