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A Good Investment

Truth: I haven’t saved a penny for any JUST IN CASE that might happen. I work like a horse to get by one day at a time and I’m not proud of it. It’s as if everytime I am blessed with work to do and get paid for it, the next thing I think of is what I need to spend it on first. I’m so frantic about not being able to address needs, I hardly have a foresight of the future.

I know though that ONE DAY, I will be able to invest in a future for Mio should anything happen to me (God forbid). I imagine that I can set aside P200 a day to come up with enough money for until Mio’s 1st semester of tuition payments next year… imagine if he didn’t get financial aid

wholesaleinsurance.net then I’d probably feel the same way. Then again, at least that’s a good investment.

Whichever way you decide to make your savings scheme work, what I tell Mio is not to waste his time on forgetting his lessons or counting his points. He ought to immerse himself more in the stuff he learns in school and more stuff to learn. Though not monetary, I think a good education, finding out his real talents and passion are great investments. So I’m happy to report that for now, my immediate panic button has earned us these quick but lasting fixes…

Seven awards for the 1st quarter. Congratulations Mio! 

(1st Honor, Academic Excellence in 5 out of 6 subjects and Best in Penmanship)

Learning a new kind of art (watercolor set as prize for his awesome grades. 

Watch out for his next artworks!)

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