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A Gentle Reminder

I recently visited an old office of mine. As soon as I stepped inside, a flurry of friendly faces were abound, asking me how I’ve been doing, what I’ve been up to, and how Mio is now. I willingly obliged, happily answering their inquiries especially when it comes to Mio. I was there for a good 2 hours or so, and upon leaving the place, I was handed a paper bag with a lot of stuff in it like nursing scrubs from Marcus, cloth masks, pajama sets ( with a Spongebob design, one of his favourite characters) and other trinkets. My friend told me that there were people who heard about Mio and our situation, and they wanted to give him a little something. I was so touched by this gesture. It was still surprising to be reminded of how many people really have us in their thoughts, how many lives we’ve touched, and how far we’ve reached.

Sometimes when Mio misbehaves, like any kid his age does, I remind him that he’s special, that a lot of people are watching him grow up, guiding him, praying for him, and it should make him see that there are more reasons to be thankful rather than to complain about. This does the trick. He gives himself time to absorb this and lets his anger go. I really commend him for being able to understand abstract concepts such as this because most adults still find it difficult. God only knows I’m still learning too, from and for my son.

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