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A Coward’s Game

If you have something to say, speak up. Stand by your choices, own your mistakes and suffer the consequences of your actions. Fight your own battles. Don’t let other people do it for you.

And seriously, other people– Can be such a great audience and a source of clearer perspectives. But like what Amir in Fluid said, “It doesn’t matter if people come and buy it. Public opinion should not matter. So why not just say, just do the work, Amir. Just do it. And maybe everything else will follow.” And as much as you or their opinion weighs down the human spirit and affects the daily course of life, what other people say don’t really matter to what the future holds or what has transpired.

We have a lot better things to do than fight. Doing the right thing is one, for starters. No one can correct a mistake with another mistake. But nobility can only be achieved with honesty. And that is why an artist’s passionate word can fiercly pierce a weak fragile soul. It is always sincere, generous and all out. Does that deserve a stab on the back?

Relationships thrive on trust, not love. That’s why there are friendships, colleagues and partners. The damage has been done. It is over. What’s the point in making ammends? None.

But can one live with himself if he thrives in lies, deceit and betrayal? Prove to us that one can succeed, let alone survive with such evil bonds.

A good soul can only take so much. Karma knows no time, person or place. Anger can cloud the mind and fill the heart with empty hopes of vengeance. But a genuine heart, in the face of temptation, will only respond to the will of God.

A chance to get back lands on the afflicted’s lap. Shall he command the army to kill? No mercy. How do wars end? In one’s defeat. So shall the army retreat instead and recuperate? Preserve one’s troop and focus on healing, rather than hurting.

Is being the good person as rewarding as you say it is? What you say should not matter, in the first place. Not anymore. So shut the fuck up and take the blame so that no one–not even I have to gauge anyone’s goodness and contempt.

You wanted to live a righteous life, didn’t you? Suck your cheeks in and eat your words. There’s no redemption for cheaters in the game of life and love.

Game’s Over. Loser.


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