Checklist: Playtime Ideas

Checklist: Playtime Ideas


Playtime Ideas

These lists are a combination of types of play that I used way back from when Mio was a baby -- a 14 year old list, so to speak! And then a list of weekly themes that I shuffle or invent a set of activities, tools or a sort of at-home curriculum to play with based on these themes. I've relayed this list to our household too so that every time they are left to play with the kids, they're also mindful of what to highlight instead of doing things repeatedly -- as we all tend to do when there's just so much going on! -- and they find that they, too aren't as bored as they would usually be. For the music, I remember with Mio that as simple as changing up the CDs I play during his naptime seemed to benefit him later on. I used to specifically play Bach on Mondays, Vivaldi on Tuesdays, Mozart on Wednesday, Chopin on Thursdays and Beethoven on Fridays. Mio doesn't like Math so much but he seems to be getting by. Hehe! And his taste for music seem to be more specific than mine.

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