Checklist: Pampering & Self Care Goals

Checklist: Pampering & Self Care Goals

  • Pampering & Self Care Goals

    July is my birth month and therefore my favorite in spite of it being dubbed as an unlucky ghost month. These are the things that I make sure I do during or days leading up to my birthday. It gives me a semblance of a conscious rebirth, re-calibrating my mind space and somehow rebooting my system for a brand new orbit!

  • I have a check list of my “nice to haves” in life that entail some commitment and a schedule in our budget when I can afford to invest in them. For some of you, some of these things are already a way of life for you and I can only hope to get to the point where you are. I want to share my list of goals to help me be accountable for them now that I’ve casted them out into the universe and in case you’re on the same page as I am, we might all have a collective mindfulness of processes that help our confidence and self-esteem. What are yours?

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