Checklist: Grocery List

Checklist: Grocery List


Grocery & Palengke List

I've divided them into such because we find that meats and vegetables are cheaper in the market than in the grocery stores. So when we have the time, we divide the lists of TO BUY into these separate lists for different days or shopping trips. We like buying from Farmers Market in Cubao but when we can't find the time to tread the extra hours and still want to go for quality meats, we go to Merkado in UP Town Center since we're Quezon City based. What's your go-to palengke? The reason I decided to share this list this month is because our padre de pamilya is uniquely in-charge of our food allocation and meal planning. He's successfully delegated that work to our all-around household helper, Gen who is an expert at making fried chicken and sinigang but still... the budget approvals for our twice a month grocery trips are up to him. How often do you do the grocery in your household?

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