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Videos: Mio Fights Cancer Benefit Concert

Didn’t realize until now that I could embed the videos in the blog. Thank you Ate Mae, Iz and Patlaroco for the youtube uploads. So for those who missed the concert, or to those who miss the concert ;p please enjoy these as we reminisce the highlights of our 2009 at the start of this wonderful year, cancer recession and all. With God’s grace and blessings such as friends like these, we CAN fight cancer again and again and again 🙂

PS. Mio’s playing a video game and whenever his players dies, I’d scream! He said, “why are you worried about me, its just a game Mom!” isn’t that cute? Of course it was a chance to reassure him that, “Aren’t you glad that even if its just a game I worry about you and think of your well-being? What more in real life?!” Yon.


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