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Tools for Surviving Cancer for Kids – VOLUNTEER!

1. Smile, even though its owie.

2. Brush up on Jesus’ stories. David & Goliath, The Two Sons, The House on the Rock and Job can be very amusing to kids. Remember, you can’t do this alone. He wants to take care of it.

3. Let the grandparents spoil them. Now is not the time to complain. Share the love, share the blessings, share the pain. Its easier like that.

4. Tune in on Nickelodeon 24/7. Its germ-free and laugh-contagious.

5. Get him a PSP or a Nintendo DS. If you used to think that he’s too young for it, after cancer, its not a luxury to him anymore. Its a necessity.

(Author’s Miriam friends, AC Gutierrez, Kat Canillas-Sanchez, Mundi Ocampo with Mio pre-isolation days with his new Nintendo DS from Tita LJ Moreno)

6. Load up on food! The drugs work in mysterious ways. Its never too expensive when nutrition is the issue.

7. Be inspired. Read up and be informed. Check out Kythe, Project Brave Kids, Livestrong.org, L.I.F.E. and blog like there’s no tomorrow.

8. Get a really cool haircut. Losing hair, I heard was the most traumatic of all the side effects. Let him express himself through art, drawings and style!

9. Bank on your own medkit. Syrnges, cotton swabs, alcohol, wipes, D5 water, butterfly needles, microsets will all come in handy.

10. Keep a support group and warriors on stand-by!

(Shred Santiago, Bret Arayata, Charisse Espinar-Arayata, Alessa Libongco, the author, Ginny Gonzales, Jean Madrid & PJ Lanot for the first meeting of miofightscancer projects @ Pino Restaurant)

And look at the brighter side of it. Now, we have a cause in mind. And the world suddenly is filled with good people everywhere, the only right thing to do is keep doing good and sharing your blessings. Its as if you never had problems before. 🙂

JOIN US! Mio’s enemies are strong and although we have armors like your prayers and support, we need foot soldiers to help our Mio Warriors. The projects mentioned in a previous blog entry needs people to run them. 

If you’re inspired, passionate and have the time to volunteer for a worthy cause, shout us an email at miofightscancer@gmail.com with the following format:

SUBJECT: Volunteer


– name

– age

– year level/ course/ school or work/ occupation

– contact numbers

– email address

GA will be announced via sms. Join the Mio Warriors and fight cancer for kids like Leukiboy here. 🙂 

Thank you!



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