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To Lash or not to Lash?

Updated: Apr 11

If you knew Paolo at all, you’d know that before meeting me, he wasn’t the type who’d post so many photos. He would of his children, and consistently so since the outbreak (I really meant outbreak) of social media. We intentionally have hashtags for our memories so we have an online album we can go back to when we feel sentimental. Like for our trips (#jaspaotokyo #bermenosaka), our cats (#mendiolabernaldocats) and our babies (#dailyroux #dailypax)

My language of love is affirmation, verbal or visual. So it was a struggle for me to feel how much Paolo loved me without a proclamation of sort. It’s not we’ve had vows to do that for us once in a lifetime. So I thrive in a lifetime of posts. Sorry, not sorry. That’s just the way I am. If you knew me at all, you’d understand. I think I’ve been taking selfies of me and my eldest son way before front cameras were invented on phones and my friends even call my arms the Alamat ng Selfie. My work, as preposterous as it seems sometimes, puts pressure to look and feel good so a two paragraph blog entry to justify my kaartehan is necessary.

Anyway, my point is, please excuse me as I take a moment to marvel at these photos Paolo took of me yesterday morning when he got flew back from a gig out of town:

He rarely does this, you know! 5 pictures of me! Solo pa! Haha. So I shamelessly asked him to send me these photos to post ;p

But seriously, I have a point!

I’m not saying that the end all and be all of my self-worth is through the eyes of Paolo ah. I’m sharing this to serve as an example of how much impact having my lashes done has on myself and sub-consciously, on Paolo too! Hahaha

Part of my self care/ torturing rituals is having my lashes done at Lash Wishes (not sponsored) in UP Town Center about every 8-10 weeks for P850. I usually get the 85pcs 0.8mm thick Classic ones because I have extremely sparse lashes. As in halos wala!

On special occasions like this week, I get the Lush which is 0.10mm thick but still just 85pcs to give my lashes a bit of oomph. Like I’m wearing false eyelashes.

The more gaps there are between your real lashes, the lighter you need your extensions too be, otherwise, the more painful they are and the more annoying as they start falling off because there’s very little for the fake lashes to hold on to, therefore they’ll keep sticking out into your eyeballs or criss-cross on your lids.

I have so much to say about having your lashes done and if you find a neat lash place that goes with your usual brow place to have it done at your comfortable price point, I would say “go for it!” for the following reasons:


  1. You wake up with full, gorgeous, curled lashes (case in point! It makes my husband take my pictures with my morning coffee!);

  2. Saves you about 4 minutes from your makeup routine cause you skip curling your lashes (how many counts does it take to curl each lash three times?), apply how many coats of mascara and fix that?;

  3. Plus, you can also skip the eyeliner. Usually, eyeliner as a default everyday makeup step is a chinita‘s go-to solution for wide eyes effect. If you have flirty lashes that fill your lash line, that’s just as good as a perfect winged tip! Because….;

  4. When you think about it, the point of putting on a line on your eyes (which should ideally be as close as possible to your lash line) is to simulate fuller lashes that emphasize the shape of your eyes.


I do, however, will NOT recommend that you get your lash extensions done when you have plans of going full on with your makeup like on your wedding day, or days when you have plans of working up a beautiful eyeshadow masterpiece on your lids. Having lash extensions is a makeup artist’s nightmare because we don’t want you to hate us once you’re taking your makeup off and realize that the work we’ve done for a day’s worth of glow is a week’s worth of painful, swollen eyes for you with matching naglalagas to almost bald lids. Because that’s innevitably what will happen especially after forecefully smudging or cleaning off makeup that will naturally fall on your precious lash extensions.

For my type of special occasion, we’re having Paco’s birthday on the farm so I can’t go glam for that sort of party! So these lashes are IT, like my usual everyday look. After these lashes fall off, I’m probably giving it 2-3 months rest, load up on some castor oil for my lids and help my eyes recover before my holiday lash fix which is also what I’d recommend you’d do. So that’s more or less 1/4 of a year’s worth of rest too.

My point is, I would personally pay this money to wake up most morning for about 5 weeks and feel beautiful with lashes on, carefully wisking water as I wash my face day and night for a low maintenance daily regimen at the risk of a high maintenance after care solution for a few weeks at a time. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re having your makeup done by experts because they can do that for you with the right wispy falsies. So don’t if that’s what you’re eyeing these for.

So, if you’re asking yourself,

“should I get my lash extensions done?”

For easy everyday natural beauty – YES

For special glowing beauty moments -NO

I hope this post helps you decide on how to get your daily glow! ✨ let me know where you get your lashes done in the comments section below!

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