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The Mio Alphabet

Following last year’s StART with Mio, we recently launched his new collection, Mio Alphabet, last July 23 in Pipino Restaurant.  It was heart-warmingly flocked by so many loved ones!  My birthday came 2 days before the event, so this was also to be a sort of celebration for me as well.  A few months prior to this, Alessa (friend, and owner of Pipino) and I have been brainstorming on the setup, the activities, the games, whether or not to make name tags for everyone using the Mio Alphabet as sort of a teaser, etc.  All that detail in preparations was tiring, but when it came down to it, well worth the sweat.  As sort of an ice breaker for friends and family, Clems made a game called Word Scramble wherein all the tables formed their respective teams, and they had to answer questions about Mio like what NBA basketball team he cheers for (Heat), and that we tell him to finish what’s on his _____ everytime we eat (plate), stuff like that… using only the letters from the words ‘MIO ALPHABET’.  It was such a riot because the questions were actually very easy, but they had to raise their chalkboards fast into the air to be given the point.  Another great game was the cake decorating segment sponsored by Suelas.  There were 6 cakes distributed to each table, and they were each assigned letters to decorate, spelling out S-U-E-L-A-S.  It was the kids’ turn to have fun!  All of them had a hand in putting icing and sprinkling different candies on the cake.

Another great thing about this event is that it had all the yumminess without the guilt, as everything on the menu was healthy!  The party food consisted of Mac ‘n Cheeze, Tofu Burger, Sweet Potato Fries in aioli sauce, and for dessert some cupcakes, cookies and ice cream!  Most people couldn’t believe it was all vegan!  I think this opened the eyes of many that just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s tasteless and boring.  It was actually a very tasty buffet of yum.   All in all, it was a great Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy these photos from Buddy Arancon 🙂

with Kaye Sinson & Suzy de Vera of Sinude

with stylists Kabbie Rodriguez of OK! Magazine and Debra Bernales of GMA 7 with friend Chippy

Buddy Arancon, the photographer, his wife Ding and Pino’s PJ Lanot & Chef Ed Bugia

with co-makeup artist, Sam Unson-Gallardo, mom of one the kids we help, Lucas Gallardo

yummy puso ng saging mini-bugers by Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant

Cake Decorating Contest to spell out SUELAS!

prototype print-outs of Mio’s drawings of the alphabet

my cousin Danie decorating her Suelas cake

blowing my birthday cake candle 🙂

our friends & family!

Thank you for supporting our launch. If you are interested in ordering customized greeting cards, vinyl stickers or even notebooks, email us at miofightscancer@gmail.com thanks!

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