• Jasmine Mendiola

The Epic Battle Between Mio and His Food

I’m almost sure that every parent has had their own run in with the mystery of why it’s so hard for their kids to swallow food. In the middle of watching Mio fight a losing battle with his breakfast, my mind began to probe into what could be the cause for this odd phenomenon in kids. I dissect the meal in my head—rice is soft enough to not chew so much and swallow easily, and the same goes with scrambled eggs, which brings us to the sausages, could they be the culprit in the delay? I ask Mio to open his mouth so I could check what the problem could be. Lo and behold, it’s the rice I see. This brings me to the conclusion that it’s probably not the ingredients of the meal. The kettle whistles on the stove and I snap out of my Sherlockian state of mind.

The doctor has advised, nay, urged Mio to eat more so as to gain more weight and be able to ward off infections lurking about, but for some reason, he really doesn’t gain a lot of body mass, no matter what. What a problem huh? Here adults are, struggling to go back to their ideal weight—resorting to surgery, weightloss pills and whatnot, then here this boy is, needing to inflate himself by eating heartily, and failing miserably. Oh, the irony.

As for me, I just want my baby boy to develop a steady, healthy eating habit that would help him greatly in the larger battle in his life. We’ll need all the soldiers we can get to fight the big C, and the sooner he makes his peace with his spoon and fork in hand, the better our chances are of overthrowing the enemy.



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