• Jasmine Mendiola

Silence is the Enemy

The tick and tock of the clock The fan’s blades swirling or the aircon swinging I hold on to the boy moaning and close my eyes I hear emptiness and light-headedness.

The pitchy voices of the girls behind me The plopping sound of the drop of sweat on a scorchingly hot afternoon the honking of impatient horns on the road And yet all i hear is Silence.

I wear the earphones and refuse to take it off The Silence is overwhelming I have to keep listening There is no escape from the innevitable feeling that Silence fills my head with.

For Music is a song of love and joy Music is the sound of a beating heart. And the Silence that surrounds me is as noisy as The emptiness of a party club The clanking of beer bottles and margarita glasses the laughter of people watching.

I raise my white flag to the enemy. Capture me and swallow me whole. I want all or nothing. This game i’m playing has left me deaf. For I am not a player.

I listen The song of my heart goes out to you Strike a tune and my heartbeat will dance with you.


Jasmine Mendiola

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