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More than a year ago, I was researching hard on options for accredited online degrees for Mio. At that time, Mio had just been diagnosed with leukemia and we only had homeschooling as an option after pulling him out of his regular Kindergarten class. I felt unequipped to teach him by myself so I researched online for home-schooling programs I can apply and that would merit him ample education and grades so that when he resumes regular schooling after his 5-year chemo treatment, he can easily hop back on to regularing or traditional schooling. I only realized though that accredited online degrees refer to a college education already. But that’s not to say that I didn’t find good resources for home-schooling. I found out too that if you can focus on home-schooling, it would be very cost-efficient. Luckily for us, too, Mio was a fast learner. After half a schoolyear of being home-schooled (thanks to my teacher friends), Mio’s doctor announced to us that he can join traditional classes the year after being diagnosed. We were 5 months short until the schoolyear began and was ecstatic to find out that Mio can still be accommodated. You can read more about it here and here. A year after that, in spite of being told that Mio would not be given special treatment when it comes to their academic standards, after being absent for two weeks almost every quarter, I am proud that Mio’s mixed schooling paid off. So I’m proud to present, Mio during his Honor’s Assembly last week 🙂 in spite of his trials, Mio managed to garner an average of 97.5, 97 being his lowest numerical grade and was awarded Most Disciplined in his class last schoolyear. He was one of the Holy Guardian Angels Awardees. Yay!!


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