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Year in year out I’ve been blogging about what I could have done and what I missed out and swear I wouldn’t once the next year kicks in.

This year though, all I could think of is what help we’ve had and what opportunities we had this year. 2009 marked such a good year of capping off a good career with Summit Media, starting a kick as job at SM Department Store and returning to the freelancing field with a bang with a movie project, editorial and studio projects in store as well as a teaching position at John Robert Powers. I’d like to think that help comes to those who like to help themselves and that’s exactly what I’m thankful for–that I’m never without the will to work hard for as long as Mio and my family are ok.

Mio’s growing up to be a fine boy, in spite and because of cancer. His father’s presence in our life last year has only made him wiser and stronger and proved that our love for each other is nothing compared to any adversity or doubt we could face. His grades in school were astounding and he has gained more friends than ever–even online! Its amazing that my son has become an instrument in many ways.

2009 is great. And 2010 can only get better. Thank you everyone 🙂 Happy happy new year!


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