• Jasmine Mendiola

Reality Check

Ever since that fateful day in 2009 when I learned of Mio’s condition, it slowly dawned on me that my hopes and dreams have changed substantially. Because I’m around weddings a lot, I of course secretly imagined a day of my own. A cascade of waves hitting the shore as I walk along it, approaching my forever—the blinding visions of white and flowers, wedding bands, a blur of people surrounding me, wishing me a great adventure ahead. But as I later on realized, dreams do change, not because you’ve given up on them, but because something greater has come along and made even bigger dreams possible.

My desires are more practical, and my dreams more meaningful. I happily long for vacations on the beach, holding my loved ones’ hands as we walk along the shore together, building sandcastles with Mio, and gazing at the sunset as they mark the end of our beautiful day. Hope began to take on a different meaning, as we fervently pray every day for the continued recovery of Mio. Gratitude enters my heart every second for all of the dreams that have come true with all the love and support that friends and strangers alike have given us. It never ceases to amaze me how little acts of kindness can sustain the feeling of fullness, completeness that seemed to evade me in all the years of hoping for different things.

Now that I’ve chanced upon this massive gold mine of simple joys and treasures, I hope my little one will take from it what he can. Because of this new vision of a life lived fully, I’m certain that Mio will grow up a good man, not having anything to be resentful about, and will have the confidence to succeed in everything that he dreams to become. That, by far, is my ultimate wish for myself and for him



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