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Pax Turns 1 at the Farm

Updated: Apr 11

Today is my bunso’s 1st birthday! We celebrated last Sunday at the Holy Carabao Farms in Sta. Rosa, Laguna so that the kids can experience real farm animals, learn about sustainability and give the adults a nostalgic quick and hopefully chill get-away. We rented a small truck to haul the kids’ playroom stuff (from the tiny train set parts, the pikler triangle and down to the rubber mat!) to the party venue for the smaller babies to enjoy and in case it rained — but it didn’t! DIY party area, yay! It’s much more laid-back than Ate Roux’s 1st birthday (if you want to see that Amelia in Wonderland garden party, watch it here https://youtu.be/Ji0L538zPjg) maybe cause we find Pacsy’s personality to be just as relaxed too. He’s very much like his Kuya Mio. The dream for me and Paolo is to live in a farm someday too so this was a nice day to dream wide awake.

We had some help setting up, like Ninang Aissa Largo setting up in-season fruit baskets as table centerpieces for the guests to much on along with Anmom Susan’s crocheted wine bottles used as vases (we sell them for P400, great presents and also available on @ilovesweetearthph in IG. Or order custom crochet pieces like the floor pillow she made for Paco too!); We had basil planters to give out, also grown and prepared by the Holy Carabao Farms staff and I made the stick on tags with the Amelie Oils illustrated stickers we also gave out during Paco’s baptism.

Tita Lady Lorredo of Baking Bug Studio made yummy dessert squares and Tita Ely Fernandez of Wonderbake prepared the very simple 2-tier fondant chocolate cake we ordered and we just decorated it with Pacsy’s actual wooden farm animal toys from Seed Toy Studio and his Ninang Trin Sundiang’s hand-made plush letters of his name. Her shop on IG is called @layers_shop if you want one!

We hope those who came had fun! We couldn’t invite everyone we wanted to because the farm had a maximum number of heads they can accommodate and we couldn’t extend the time either since Papa Pao had work after. We hope you know that we would have loved to have everyone near and dear with us that day. Thank you so much for all the love and please say a prayer for Pacsy’s continued health and happiness today as we celebrate his first orbit in the world! ♡


Filmed by Leo Avendano and Orven

Photography by ProudRad

Edited on iMovie

Music Another Birthday from Audio Jungle


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