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Parenting Trend for 2012

In my book at least. Every year is different and quite distinct when raising an only child in an ever-changing household. There’s the cuddly first year, the terrible twos, the tantrum threes and so on and so forth. The fourth year I would say was value-integration where I had to teach him the difference and the power of the words YES and NO. His fifth showed me HIS strength and his character more than anything else– it was the time we discovered he had cancer. His sixth year was building his character. He went to big school, made friends and thrust his sheltered life onto a competitive setting. It was the year that I decided that he wouldn’t be the big fish in a small pond anymore.

Last year, his 7th, was all about independence. Doing things on his own, deciding what was best in different situations, going with his friends or cousins with little (but still with!) supervision. In the Philippines, we’re very much attached to relatives and extended families are very common– cousins living in one compound, grandchildren growing up with grandparents, etc.Since I had Mio, I had resolved to absorbing the most that I can from advice and help from other people. His condition adds to that because so many people obviously care about his well-being. But you know how the saying goes, “too much of anything is not good” so balancing opinions and giving options is really a tough thing to do. In 2012, my parenting trend will be about RESPONSIBILITY. I used to say that I’d get him a dog when he turns 7 but I have to put that on hold. Responsibility is a big thing. At my mature age of 29, I still get accused of being irresponsible when in the middle of a heated (rather emotional) argument with my own family. My personal snide comments about the most responsible man on earth may soon change if our 3-year pre-trial case improves but where I have control, I will do what I can with the best of my abilities. So being in-charge of his things when we go out, doing his homework, FINISHING HIS FOOD! and teaching him to budget his “allowance” (aka the money he got over the holidays not meant for donations but as gifts) are the few things that I would like to address. For me though, I intend to limit my responsibilities to the things that are immediate and within my own household (is using our yoga ball considered one?). That’s a start. With that, I greet you all a Happy New Year and Mio’s photos from today so far (yes, grounded from not finishing his food and short of a play date with his loving cousin Sophie which causes me much distress and heartache — but still reaps satisfaction and lessons anyway)!



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