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Updated: Apr 14

When I met Paolo, he had a pizza 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom townhouse. He turned it into a 6-bedroom, 3 toilet and bath with a 4th floor loft office. This space is one of the 6 rooms which was formerly the bathroom on the north side of the house, right at the tip of the pizza point (initially we used it for one of the Ates rooms but since they frequent the playroom/ Paco’s bedroom and will be rooming in with him eventually, I repurposed this space so that I no longer am a nomad in my own home).

As soon as we got settled in after renovations in 2015, I made sure we didn’t leave any stone unturned and cleared the path for an awesome fresh start at our home, especially since we were coming home with a brand new baby, our Amelia Roux.

After we had at least enough beds to sleep on, at the same time of baptising Roux when she turned 5 months old, we had the house blessed and our pastor friend, Mark read scriptures to remind us that our home had God at the centre of it.

I also scheduled an Energy Space Clearing with Miqo Dionisio where he did a reading of the space based on the coordinates, location and lot area. Some people say a home in this shape has a low frequency, plus the fact that we had a huge satellite tower right in front of us and 3 water underways which disincarnates are apparently attached to. At the beginning of the session, the Tibetan singing bowls had a nasal sound to it. Miqo explained that any matter, no matter how small, occupies a space and therefore, disincarnate may “crowd” the space which explains that full congested sound the bowls make. We can’t see them because light waves move a lot quicker through any clear substance than sound waves can so the medium, being the bowls can “catch” the molecules of these beings through sound. After praying and spraying guided oils for about 50 minutes, we can clearly hear the bowls sing in a high pitched tone as if the space actually was cleared of them.

We were also told that in spite of the trauma the space where our property lies may have had, the energy that Paolo and I had put in the house, a complementing mergence of his and mine like a yin and yang, plus the face that we had so much done to the space in a short amount of time — bringing in Yolo our “eldest” adopted feline companion, having a baby and the renovation, reversed the negative spiral immensely! And that is something we hope we sustain and further manifest.

We have felt nothing but abundance here. Sometimes abundance of stress 😂 but mostly an overwhelming gratitude for what we have built together. We may want more but in God’s time, if He wills for us to stay put, we will. And by all means I will work hard and make beauty with what I can where I am. If that means this tiny space in our home that yet needs a lighted mirror for my appointments and wouldn’t hurt to have some better ventilation (or air-conditioning! Hehe)


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