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My Everyday Makeup

Updated: Apr 11

Personally, the makeup I use everyday is mostly Glossier. I’ve used up 4 concealer pots in over 2 years and have bought one of each of the CloudPaints and Generation G, my everyday makeup had become a no-brainer, picking out shades eenie-miney-moe style or experimenting on blending colours on my cheek for dimension or lip colours.

I love how I can never put too much and just use my fingers; I love everyone looks and feels good in them instantly; I lovingly call the line bobo-proof. It may need some primers or fixers to set and wear longer but all-in-all, it’s a great line to have in your to-go everyday kit.

See how I’ve used Glossier in some of my actual work and everyday looks:

It’s not officially sold in the Philippines and resellers sometimes almost never have stock so when we stumbled upon a trove of them, my friend, Jopie and I decided to grab them to share with you. So I hope making them available here helps you get your glow!

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If you want to know more about Glossier, check out the video review I made here:

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