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Mio Saves the Day

“Why aren’t you smart mom?”

Can you imagine my outrage upon hearing such words come out of my son’s mouth?! I replied, “How can you say that? What do you mean I’m not smart?” He answers, “Because you’re Globe right? You’re not Smart like the others.” Ahhhhhh……. He was referring to my telecommunications company! What a relief!

I remembered this tidbit because I was on the phone a few days ago with the customer service of Globe, and suffice it to say, I was not pleased with their breakdown service.  Having to be always on the go, my plan is inclusive of internet services and this should be a super duper great plan because obviously, I cannot afford the luxury of a preposterous bill. But no. Due to an agent’s error, my inclusions weren’t incorporated in the supposedly super duper great plan and so my unbilled charges are sky-rocketing into insane amounts.

And while I was zoning away when the service representative was “explaining” the circumstances, promising that I’d get credit and a reversal of usage, I began to hear Mio’s voice faintly in my head… echoing…. “Why aren’t you Smart mom?” Sigh. It was for this funny thought that the customer representative should thank my son because instead of fumingly pressing ‘End Call’ on my screen, I managed to put the phone down with laughing in my head. And just like that, Mio saves the day again. Him and Smart 🙂 there’s truth in this feature I had last year except that my Smart was a prepaid number which was more difficult to keep tabs of. So if I could only get a great internet service and unit, I think I’d be a total Smarty 😉 and that’ll make Mio super happy too.



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