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Mio’s Wishlist

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the small gifts you’ve been putting in my sock at Mom’s studio everyday when I sleep early. My Enopi teacher, Teacher Dean told me you like cookies and milk for Christmas Eve so I had Mommy buy you Cream-O (I think she has chocolate Oreos though, I hope you like those) and Skim Milk. The coloring books and the Voltron DVDs are so fun! I’ve been practicing sleeping early since 🙂

Here are the other things I told Mom to write to you:

I have a Bakugan collection and I still don’t have : Mantris, Saurus, Monarys, Hynoid,. Garganoid, Siege, Fortress, Worquake, Blade Tigrera, Ravenoid, Tentaclear, Griffon, Robotallian and Harpus.

Mommy doesn’t know which is which so please ask the man at the toy store for those. My Ninong Shred and Andad bought me containers for them already, thank you 🙂

I’ve also been so thankful that Tita Clems has been sharing her playstation with me. I was wondering though if you could add another controller so we can play a racing game and a DJ Hero (coz her guitar for the Rockband isn’t working, we only get to sing while I play the drums — and I’m on the medium level already! Averaging 86%!)

I hope I’m not asking too much, I know there are other kids who don’t get to have so much toys. Mommy always reminds me that the money and all the gifts we receive is for making the enemies in my blood go away and I think its working! This christmas has been the best christmas ever, its like christmas everyday 🙂

Thank you so much! Mommy was counting our blessings on ANC Shoptalk and they got me on the phone to talk on TV. Maybe you can watch her on Monday, Dec. 28 🙂 We couldn’t afford a christmas tree at home (and Mom says it might collect so much dirt anyway, that’s not good for me) so I’m drawing one for everybody.

Merry Christmas Everyone! And thank you so much for all the gifts I’ve opened!

Love, Mio


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