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Mio’s Summer Art Program

He’s turning 7! Ack! But aside from the usual parent ecstasy that your son is growing up, I’m glad that he really is. Not long ago, I was threatened that his life wasn’t going to so there’s reason to celebrate. And I’m thankful that we have so many people helping us, even by the simplest way of bringing siomai, spaghetti or softdrinks to help fulfill Mio’s dream of getting to invite his classmates and favorite friends to an afternoon for his birthday. Also, you know how proud I’ve been? He isn’t just getting better (although God knows how I’ve been hard up trying to feed him for some months ago!), he isn’t just smart, he’s also very kind and considerate. I’ve been making ends meet (as per usual) since I quit employment to focus on taking care of him and just do freelance work so I worry day in day out about where to get what. I was initially agitated looking for a good and interesting summer activity but when I asked Mio what he wanted to do (to which he readily said art and basketball–that his doctor approved for as long as he doesn’t push his limits and rest right away when he feels tired), he said he just wanted to do it at home. In other words, he wanted his break from school. And although I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about saving money, it gives me a sense of relief that my son prefers to stay home and spend the day doing things he likes at his own pace with his family. So what we did was gather some online instructions from his favorite art shows like Art Attack and Artzooka and space out or schedule which projects to do in between shooting hoops. So so far, here are the finished products of his art projects:


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