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mio’s smART

Mio to Teacher Ginny and Tita Clems after class before heading to early arcade hour:

“I’m 100% now!”

Teacher Ginny gasps and complains why he takes breaks in between lessons coz he’s apparently 0% while he becomes 100% during playtime. LOL

Yep. He’s 100% when he goes out for that hour that I let him. I feel guilty taking this risk but he deserves it. I also get to steal some time to have him around while getting some work done at the studio just across Eastwood Mall. He tries to read everything he passes by and he told his then-yaya (hihi!) while pointing at Wagyu “Stone. Grill. There’s a restaurant I go to at the hospital that has the word grill at the end, too.” Her obliging playmate points out that he remembers quite well and he exclaims, “coz I’m always at the hospital! I’ve been going there for a long time now!”

Woah. Relax smarty, I thought to myself when I heard this story 🙂 Its amazing how people think Mio’s a cancer survivor when he hasn’t even been immersed in it for more than three months. Its only the beginning. Intensification is yet to come, that’s why the past few days or weeks have been kind to us.

Tonight though I’ll be enjoying another collaboration precisely to appease my worries. It gladens my heart that a baby I considered in my school years has blossomed into such a beautiful lady, Notecracker’s Jessica Fernando and her second life and precisely how I’d like Mio to live his in the future. She has great talent, good friends and ultimately a kind heart that from that baby to my baby now, it feels right to take part in this wonderful occasion, I hope you’d share it with us tonight @ Cafe La Carmela (#38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati). Buffet for P500 and the launch of special edition CD for Mio produced by Notecracker Music exclusively for MIO mART. .

Check this, this & this for more details! Thanks!


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