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March is for Moms and Vacations

I subscribed to Auiee Suarez‘s newsletter monthly, and she’s given such great advise the last time I’ve seen her in years since working with her in Summit Magazines. This was during Mommy Mundo‘s Dove Baby Shower event where I did Janice, Apples and Kristine’s makeup that day. She said that we have to realise that our life has seasons too, like years. And so does our bodies. This March definitely marks several season changes for me and I bet as well as for you too.

I’ve picked Baby Snapshots as the theme for my calendar downloadable this month cause this marks Paco (my youngest son)’s half-y birthday! Check out Louie Arcilla’s pogi photos of him from his baptism last February 10 at Tomatokick Malingap.

It was a blessed day and so excited too that we got to share the scents of Poco Scents and launch the Poco Baby products to our friends and family!

This month marks Poco’s first time to eat solids. My eldest, Mio has been spoon-fed until he was about 6 years old (partly cause he was sick with leukaemia so medyo binaby ko sya) and although he eats like a grown man now, I had such a hard time making him try different types of food in his crucial growing up years. So with Roux, I made sure she had a chance to “play” with her food and really let her put things in her mouth. I wouldn’t consciously call it baby-led weaning cause we did occasionally still feed her with a spoon but it really helped with her appetite and curiosity with different kinds of taste. I rounded up a list of foods to try for Paco and might be helpful to you too. Download this list to print and post on your fridge if you like through my website’s downloadables menu for a higher resolution 🙂

In case you haven’t moved on to planning the rest of the month, it ends with the anticipated restful and reflective Holy Week and a lot of the weekends in between call for beach trips! So to keep us inspired and looking forward to this much needed recharge (have yet to book our accommodations though!) I made mobile and desktop wallpapers to put the pressure on your vacation! 😉 Same place: downloadables menu on the site!

Hope you have a great season ahead of you!

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