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Life in Colors

“Mom, lets go to the clinic now so I can charge my DS,” he just exclaimed.”Dr. Racho’s not yet there? Why so tagal? Lets put na the butterfly needle so  I can go home early.” So now he wants to IV. I thought this day would never come.

I’m chasing after time in so many ways. Time to beat in line waiting for our turn, time to leave so I can make it to the office for our monthly buying-slash-presentation of ads, trends and merchandise, time to cherish while Mio is in his best disposition so far. I’m chasing after all the goodness surrounding us as if it had an expiration date and much to my disappointment, its frustrating when there’s just not enough time to do all things all by myself. Then again, I was told that I didn’t have to do it by myself. I think that’s precisely the whole point of this exercise called “surviving cancer.” Like I say again and again, I hate sounding preachy but, partly why I seldom write is because I have this nagging feeling that I tend to blab about how reassuring prayer has been regardless of how vague the power of it still is for me. Its not that I reject it but its amazing and nakakabobo. How is it possible that all this is happening? The F word comes in the picture and YES. This all boils down to that. Faith.

Things are looking up and although we’re thriving on donations as of the moment, the hospital walls have turned into our sanctuary and the doctors and nurses, our allies. Outside of this place is a completely different story. “I wanna do my homework, Mom.” And he shows me a drawing of his Teacher Ada, a blackboard and has incorporated thought bubbles as well. People have been so nice, I can’t even look at the newspaper the same way again. My reality has been transformed into a kind of 7th Heaven. It’s almost surreal.

“Mom, can I use the orange pen for your face? Coz you don’t have apricot.” How surreal is that? My son’s color theories while he doodles beside me amazes me. And when you think about it, who would have thought cancer would put us in a perspective of gratitude? It truly is a mystery.

(Teacher Ada’s thought bubble: Hello my name is Ada. Mio: Hello my name is Mio. I think its the most retentive lesson in his Language subject-Introductions. Hehe)

(the restaurant’s placemat turned into a masterpiece: All of us on the grass with a flower beside me under the shining sky. Mom with our cat Spice, Mio in a Flash shirt that he doesn’t have at all! And an easel of him painting a flower. )


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