• Jasmine Mendiola

Left Brain, Right Brain

Mio and I were about to get off a cab yesterday when he said,

“Don’t forget to buy batteries first mom.” I was surprised he remembered with all the things we were suppose to do in the mall so I was like, “how’d you remember that? Thanks for reminding me hijo.”

“I used my left brain to remember mom.”

Pakshet. Nagulat ako ah! So para lng sure akong alam nya ung sinasabi nya, “how did you know you’re using your right brain when you remembered that? how do you know these things?”

“because I’m thinking.”

“How about your left brain, how do you use it?”

“I don’t know maybe when i think of toys.”

Does that make sense to you? Surprisingly yes right?

*as of press time, I had to ask Mio to repeat what he said and he couldn’t help his wit and had to ask me in return, “why did you ask me again mom? coz you’re writing what i said?” Bakit ang smart nung anak ko.


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