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Labor of Love

Its 530am and I’m still working. Its been like this for almost two weeks now. I can’t say its all boohoo for me coz Mio and I just watched G-Force today (yesterday rather). It was the first time in so many weeks/ months since he’s seen the insides of a mall, para syang nakawala sa hawla. Poor child. But he was so delighted, so well-behaved and so giddy I couldn’t help take him to the toy store after the first showing which was the doctor’s only request besides the mask on at all times when Mio asked his permission if he can watch a movie. He requested for popcorn, of course.

I got him a Ben10 shirt (aside from he obviously wants a souvenir or his first out-of-the-house-or-hospital trip, his tummy’s getting big, you know) and I took him to my sister’s place so my parents can pick him up while I pick up work from there. I’m working on several press kits, articles and shoots while studying a 200page script for an upcoming project. I had to passby his school and do some errands on the side while doing pullouts simultaneously. Thank God for work. Thank God for helpful friends and partners in all endeavors.

Different groups of friends continue to support us and this week is packed! There’s that MTV Launch of their latest show “Say Wuht?!” hosted by our concert openners, Speedy G and Aby Asistio. I’m so excited for them! I was quite surprised to realize that they have actually embraced Mio Fights Cancer as their cause throughout the show so I hope that besides being amused by their wit, beauty, humor and unique talents, you’d find it in your hearts to support them. They’re launching in a few hours and I owe them a press kit and a booth to boot.

On Friday, there’s Mio mART by my first first baby, Jessica Fernando. It features various artists and is launching their album while proceeds of the evening go to Mio’s medical funding. How cool is that?

There’s so much more in store but I can’t be complacent. I have to keep working. I’m happy though. Really happy. My son is healthy in spite of cancer and we are loved beyond our wildest dreams. I am tired but I just had to share. Your prayers, help and support is indeed taking us on higher ground. Will do as much to do the same. For now, work shmerk! Gotta catch on some sleep soon. I either die of puyat else my parents kill me. I’m still a daughter after all. Hehe.

On that note, I’d like to share one of Mio’s drawings. Recently just received his scanned artwork from Alessa Libongco. Ben10, Mommy working and Mio’s love UNITE!


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