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It all starts with A, B & C

The Mio Alphabet is a sequel to the first art project of Mio called StART with Mio to help raise funds for his chemotherapy treatments and support other causes for kids with rare diseases. True to StART With Mio’s pursuit of using Mio’s seed drawings and having artists collaborate and create something a whole new masterpiece altogether, The Mio Alphabet is Mio’s version of writing the letters in his own design. Along with the capital letters, Mio drew things that started with each letter and these were intricately woven together into functional art pieces by his mentor and project manager of his annual art projects, Alessandra Lanot.

To prepare for the launch of these exciting products, Alessa and Chris had a bake-date to dry run the yummy goodies that Pipino will prepare for our guests. We’re so excited and we’ll blog more about The Mio Alphabet products when they’re ready!



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