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“Wake up Mio, we have chemo today. Let’s take a bath?”

I still need to rest Mom, its too early.

“I know. So lets get this over and done with.”

Mio woke up to a great Monday morning, the second of this year to be exact. He cried on New Year’s Day when he realized that it was already January. “Will I get kalbo already Mom?”

We’ve started our intensification phase of his treatment. His liver and cbc tests reveal everything is normal as per usual (praise God) but Dr. Racho isn’t being complacent about his medication. I’m mapping out another month-long calendar of his oral medicine and trying to figure out how to schedule his tutoring in between his every other day chemo sessions.

“I’m not yet ready! I’m not done praying!” Mio cries out to the lab technician, bent on postponing the innevitable justifying that he’s not used to it anymore that’s why its more owie. I really wouldn’t know but my patience seems to be in salisi to his improvement. Either that or I’m just as scared as he is because Dr. Racho keeps reminding us to take note of his urine–it turns red after doxo which brings Mio to tears thinking his wiwi is blood! Thank God it was just….. orange. Haha. Funny sometimes. Or that’s just how we’re supposed to look at things sometimes.

He’s also taking 7.5mL of Benadryl for allergy precaution. Apparently, most kids on chemo become allergic to the second dose of Leunase and break in rashes and itches all over. So his last drip took a hefty 5 hour sitting session! My Kuya’s birthday pansit was soggy when they came home and my parents along with Mio were soooooooooo tired. But that’s not over! We’ve got three or four more weeks of this schedule, it truly is intense. His mood is just as intense, whining and complaining at the slightest discomfort. 5 hours of making him comfortable while he’s hooked on the IV can be really taxing but its the least I can do, right? Thankfully we were told that the luxuries of kids his age are necessities for kids like him so his titos, titas and ninongs and ninangs have invested in making him enjoy his chemo time the best way possible with gadgets like these. “You’re the luckiest kid on chemo son, you know.” I constantly remind him.

The bank account’s depleting too. But thankfully work’s never stale. I have full trust that my hardwork and labor will reap its rewards full throttle at the right time because God provides when needed. So help us God.


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