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Indecisive Much

Mio has singaw!

It shouldn’t be anything alarming because I was told of this side effect but that’s it. The side effects are taking place and I’m scared the hair might fall off soon. I’m still getting him a haircut soon though, still not kalbo as he refuses to but he knows soon he will be because of the medicine.

Another thing the medicine seems to be doing to him (besides the singaw, loss of appetite and mood swings) is his indecisiveness. One day he doesn’t like super heroes, last night he decides to switch his spongebob pencil case for his tin canister case of Justice League; yesterday he decided he didn’t want to go to Miguel’s birthday in spite of being so excited for it the entire week, then two hours after he remembers he’d get a loot bag and his cousin Meg goes all excited at the thought of a party, he suddenly wants us to change our entire afternoon plans and go. My sister asks, “bakit ba palit ng palit ng utak yang anak mo?” and all I had to tell her was:

“Nagke-chemo ka ba? Pwes, none of us will ever know why. Isipin nlng nating yun yon.”

It sounds funny now but again, its the least of my worries. Its just hard to deal with amidst the chaos of daily living. Especially when he cries so hard over stickers. My god. Its like I took off his organs, for the life of me. He cries like it hurts so bad only to realize that oh. He’s highly emotional tonight, that’s all. Its quite hard to decifer and I can’t shrug it off as something tiny. Not anymore, I learned my lesson the hard way. But again, I think I’m going through chemo just the same, having a hard time deciding if I should get all the toys he asked ME to write in his wish list letter for Santa Claus (thank goodness most of his god parents voted for me to give in to the “there is a Santa Claus!” childhood craze, I almost actually never have wanted to “mislead” Mio into believing something that’s not real except that I can argue too that he’s real as far as faith is concerned.). If I were Santa Claus I would coz he’s been more of a good boy than I imagined he could be but I’m his Mommy so I have to level his expectations when it comes to recieving toys. But heck. He has a new toy everyday from somebody randomly anyway. How hard is that to deal with! Discipline is out the window whenever I can’t manage those things. Mio once said, “Santa’s rich noh?”

That’s what you think, kid.

Another indecisive moment is if I’ll join the last MioMondays dinner tonight. I’ll be there for sure but I’m not sure if I’ll pay a thousand for my son’s chemo (a thousand’s a lot ah!) but its for MY son’s benefit anyway 🙂 what makes it so hard is that Pino has prepared a whole new menu for it! Check it out!

 Pumpkin & Carrot Soup with Bleu Cheese Croutons

Tofu Shiitake Teriyaka Salad with Pork Cracklings

Prok & Shrimp Lemongrass Skewer

Cream Dory on Wilted Spinach with White Chocolate Sauce 


Red Wine Braised Beef with Cream CAbbage on Saffron Risotto

Tempura Oreos with Raspberry Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

YUM! I guess that’s a yes and I won’t have to poll about it? ;p hope to see you tonight!

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