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Updated: Apr 11

We spent the weekend in a hotel and the kids had a blast! Roux kept going up and down the stairs pretending she was Cinderella entering the ballroom; had 2 or 3 bubble baths in the bath tub and jumped up and down the big bed. Paco bit off all the food from our breakfast buffet and crawled the entire carpeted floor of the deluxe room like a giant play mat! All the hotel staff were nice, the furniture didn’t smell like cat pee or had scratch marks, there was no clutter and we didn’t need 2 electric fans pointing at us just to keep us cool cause the air conditioning was centralised arctic zone levels everywhere! But it also didn’t have the 7 cuddly cats, I missed our trusty household crew, our affordable and simple home-cooked meals and I’m sure the kids missed their toys, my armoury of oils and truth be told, the heat. More like, this warmth we call home. Hope you had a great cuddly weekend indoors in this weather too. 🌧


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