• Jasmine Mendiola

Hold Tight

Hold me tight

I’m yours tonight

Don’t let me go

Your embrace is fine

I’ve mastered the game

I’m settling here

For I no longer crave

For the void between

You skin and mine

I know my place

I’m here tonight

Live the moment

It’s just you and me

Here and now

No one around

No memory exists

No recollection of pasts

No vision of tomorrow

Hold me tight

And I will drift away

To my happy place

Where none of you can find me

For I am free

I am alone and happy

Just me by myself

Where I need no one

Not your embrace

Or anyone’s caress

I am free by myself and happy

Grateful and content

Your embrace is just a place

Neither familiar and exciting

I can stay

But my heart remains

Fleeting and un beating

For the void between our skin

Is rude and cold

My body rests

My spirit refreshed

Your touch on my back

Can’t hold me in place

So hold me tight tonight

For tomorrow when it comes

I’m back to myself

Where none of you

Can touch me

None of you

Can hurt me

None of you

Can hold me tight

Hold me tight

While my body is weak

Hold me tight

For my heart remains

Fierce and broken

Yet kind and loving

Only to myself

And to that place

Where I can rest

In the all embracing

To a place

Where love lies between

My skin and his

To him whose kiss

My spirit craves

and holds on to tight

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