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I was recovering from chicken for the most part of March and it was unfortunate that I had it at this age. I was deathly terrified of having it and felt so helpless alone in a room for a good 3 weeks and it was even more depressing that Mio had to be isolated from me for a full month. So I wasn’ t able to hold or hug my child or see him for 30 days!

A lot of my friends talked about how March was such an unlucky month and although I’m not superstitious, I was extra careful in making decisions particularly career-related ones and those that had to do with the family (although I failed at the financial aspect of it as per usual).

My friends throughout my pox ordeal aside from television and internet was a generous bathing in oatmeal soap, baby salves and natural oils to help moisturize my skin. I was quite disappointed with over the counter soaps that literally had 3 pieces of oatmeal scattered all over a P50 bar soap which wasn’t helpful at all, I suspected. I had to search for the nearest reseller and orchestrate a rather difficult pick up and delivery logistics for me to get a hold of By Nature soaps that we have here in the Phiilippines. They’re handmade soaps sold at bazaars that I learned of years ago as a contributing writer at Marie Claire Philippines and I can’t get enough of how the all-natural stuff seem to be benefiting me as I use them longer. The benefits have been astounding and I would like to share with you some tips to get you started on healthier living. I am lucky to be surrounded by great advise (see my earlier post on Noelle Hilario’s insights) and people who have a good influence on my life choices. I will share below the products I use, for now I hope these tips help:

1. Read the labels of the products that you buy.

Commercial products may or may not contain harmful materials, and as consumers, it’s important that we know what goes into the products that we use.

2. Get informed.

In this day in age, information can obtained with a press of a button. The internet has a wealth of information and I think it’s important that we maximize this opportunity. One can make healthier lifestyle choices when he or she knows what’s good for him or her. A good website to browse through is www.naturalnews.com. The website publishes articles on studies made on sicknesses, natural remedies and a lot more.

3. Explore.

There are plenty of alternatives to our current lifestyle, and opting for a healthier lifestyle needs a bit of courage and an open mind. Did you know that you can use fine iodized salt to stimulate hair growth? Ideally, we should only use commercial shampoo once or twice a week, to allow our scalps natural oils to moisturize our hair. Given the weather that we have, it’s hard not to wash your hair with shampoo everyday, but if you stay at home most of the time anyway, why not give it a try?

Check out my loot so far:

Makeup loot from Human Heart Nature

Natural Feminine Wash from Human Heart Nature

Moisturizing Shampoo from Human Heart Nature

Interestingly, a glass of water with a slice of lemon can do wonders to your body.

More on this in The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water.

Moisturizing oil lotion from BY NATURE



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