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Happy Women’s Month!

“When you feel like everything just gets too much to bear, for whatever reason, don’t doubt yourself. Believe in your own strength and shape your mind according to how you want to live your life.”

It has been an amazing week and I can’t even begin to describe how overwhelmed I am (again!) at the support and the love that goes through me in this circle of good vibes. I am honoured to be part of a campaign that champions women of different shapes and sizes, from various walks of life, who all, i their own ways, overcome challenges of their own.

Thank you, Levi’s for celebrating International Women’s Month! On the subject of women and their strength, I’d like to draw your attention to last year’s approved bill for the Expanded Maternity Law of 2017 and spread the word about it so that the Congress can finally set the policy in motion. I joined several members of the press at a Senate Round Table Discussion to provide some maternal insight on the subject and give suggestions on how to improve and implement it. Some of the things I brought up and hope will be taken into consideration are the following:

  1. How the policy affects the private business’s economics, level of productivity when women employees avail of 120 days of leave and how it may domino into a possible dip in hiring women into the workforce (which studies of countries that have already applied this law shows that, on the contrary, the morale and company loyalty of the employees have strengthened and has been proven to be money-wise for the companies in the long run);

  2. How the policy affects the finances of women who are on leave thus forcing them to cut their maternity leaves to ensure that they still get the exact equivalent of their salaries, so implementation to the level of the Social Security Services must be reviewed (to which the answer was that definitely, there has to be adjustments made to contributions and feasibility studies how that this may be fully implemented in two years time);

  3. How other post-labor operation incidents, not just limited to CS births like emergency hysterectomies, should also be taken into consideration in adding leaves and benefits;

  4. How the law should also be applicable to adoptive parents regardless of the age of the child to be adopted;

  5. How the policy will ensure that companies abide to it since some currently do not honour even the Solo Parent’s Act;

  6. How the policy should also ripple into the possible expanding of the Paternity Law

Watch the full video of what went on in the discussion here:

And then finally, who talks about women and doesn’t think of beauty? My segment for ABS-CBN’s Rated K aired earlier this evening. If you missed it, log on iwanttv.com.ph to watch it. Here are screencaps from the show:

Or you can watch it on the video clip in this news link: http://news.abs-cbn.com/video/life/03/11/18/paano-gumawa-ng-diy-skin-mask-vitamin-c-serum Will post about the natural skincare recipes I shared in my next post so stay beautiful and stay tuned! Happy Women’s Month, ladies!

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