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Halloween Holiday

While most people are enjoying the vacation out of town and visiting provinces where most of our dearly beloved are buried, Mio and I are resting from chemo and the flu simultaneously. It’s challenging to take care of Mio when I myself am sick because he’s very susceptible to getting infected by the slightest sneeze! Thankfully, although he lost weight recently, his response to his treatment is unfailingly ordinary. No vomiting, mood swings or any ill feelings. Except that he doesn’t eat much 😦 So for the Halloween holidays, we’ve round up some holiday photo cards for you to enjoy!

Boo! Happy Halloween from Mio the Vampire! (his mask came in handy to cover-up his “costume.” He went as a Ninja though for my sister’s office Trick or Treat but he’s been walking for days now with this on)

Mio checking out he cauldron outside the Eastwood Open Park. I know for sure the witch ain’t cooking this boy! He’s too skinny! Hehe

That’s me, Mio and his Tita Clems all masked. Mio asked for this photo saying “finally, we’re all in masks! Take a picture and put the title MASQUERADE!” Hehe (we have to wear masks when we’re coughing or sneezing to minimize the risk of Mio getting sick too).

So while we’re having a stay-cation, I prepared some Halloween activities for Mio courtesy of education.com the internet has become so helpful in so many ways (what with all the help and support we have gotten from people who have clicked on links to us — thank you) and one of them are these super fun worksheets I get to use to review him for his exams of keep him busy when I am 😉 If your kid needs a table activity to calm him down from all the candy, try these!

Hope you’re having a healthy Halloween!



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