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Glow Getters ✨

Updated: Apr 11

It’s been 2 weeks since my first class and already, after checking up on my students from the 1st How To Get Glowing Personal Makeup Class, they’re already lit on their first day off to work! They’ll probably be a few pennies off-budget after they purchase products that they realise they still need (especially since they have an exclusive discount from The Makeup Store MNL!)

Thank you once again to all the ladies who signed up for my classes! If you’re interested in joining one, sign up HERE. Let me know too if you have a preferred day of the week or date, maybe we can work something out if you’re not available for any of the scheduled workshops. I can also organize an exclusive Makeup Party or SPArty for you and your girls if it’s something you’d like to do for your bridal shower or a special barkada get-together.

Keep Glowing! ✨

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