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The other week was a fun rainy weekend when we participated at the Kiddopreneur Bazaar at the Rockwell Club. It was a learning experience both for the kids and us parents! Here are a few fun quirks to note:

1. Keep the kids entertained.

We had a coloring station ready just in case the kids got tired and wanted to sit down. I guess that reinforced the “art” in the items Mio made and Mio’s “rest” was drawing too so that worked to our 24/7 advantage (at least for the 6 hours we were stationed there). That’s Mio with Gabriel and Luis.

2. Delegate and rehearse!

Luis was splendid distributing the flyers but later on, maybe after hearing the rest of his friends saying, “stickers for sale! cards for sale!” he started screaming too and we heard him say “flyers for sale!” Hilarious!

3. Like any other staff member, don’t let your sellers go hungry!

Amare’s Oreas saved the day! We had to start at noon so some of the kids haven’t eaten and took turns taking breaks. Phew! 2. Even if they’re all over the place, kids take their work seriously.

Rocky, the rowdiest of the group cracked us up when he said, “hey guys! Hey guys! Listen up! We’re not here to play, we’re here to work!”

That’s Rocky by the rack and Xavier “chatting” with Mio. Haha

It was a great experience pooling together Mio’s cousins and friends that afternoon. To all those who helped and bought, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😀

We’ll be at the Greenmeadows Bazaar this weekend, Dec. 17 & 18 for our LAST BAZAAR for 2011! Hope you can include our greeting cards, notepads, stickers, magnets, mirrors, tags and gift wrappers in your Christmas lists!



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