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Mio has been incessantly asking for Legos. Not just any building blocks. Legos. And I’ve been dodging his request for months now (considering that he initially wanted his 7th birthday party to be Lego-themed) mainly because the branded toy was too expensive. And being a non-fix-it kind of gal, I don’t think I can take over my son’s tinkering once he gets impatient with those tiny things. Aside from that, I kind of think that he’s too old to have to play with toys that were meant to develop fine motor skills. Just the same, I went looking for the most affordable ones in every corner of our city. Meanwhile, I’ve been hooked (when time permits) in this Cityville game and I can’t help relate building blocks with building condos, suburban and mansion houses, establishments and roads and wonder — how do you teach children how to make the perfect foundation? I often ask myself that in relation to makeup artistry–that being my line of work–and I suppose that the word is used in so many ways precisely because of how it stands for so much strength and paves the way for these many things to be well-crafted. By definition, foundation is defined as: n. 1. basis

If Legos were the basis for which my son’s desire to make things and create, build the way he used to craft his drawings and sketches– then alright. So I invested on some inexpensive Legos in military, racers and other sets (which I just hope are toxin-free because I can’t afford the real ones!) to give him more incentives to eat better, sleep earlier, do his homework on his own and to think before he throws a fit since our discipline style is through a point & penalty system anyway. n. 2. the base on which a building (ex. concrete buildings, metal buildings, etc.) rests. My partner has lovingly accommodated me and Mio as if we were homeowners in her humble condominium building. And we feel very blessed to have 24/7 safe & accommodating security, friendly neighbors who help and greet with the sincerest concerns for Mio’s well-being and the most convenient of everything convenient! The foundation of the community around us not just provides a place to move about to Mio’s school, church and a nearby hospital, but also fosters an environment that encourages embracing different types of people and caring for pets! Isn’t that a great foundation for a place to live in?

n. 3. an institution endowed for the public benefit. Typing away at this wee hour of the night is something I don’t mind at this point if it means that there’s work to be done and blessings to be shared. As in a previous post, I am honored to be the parent of a child recognized by an institution like Make A Wish Foundation, along with another institution in the airline business like Cathay Pacific… two foundations that have strengthened our faith in the goodness of people. I can only hope that Mio will continue to be an instrument to the public in inspiring those who need and may suffer that goodness is available everywhere, that help is never far from those who help themselves and that ultimately, there is hope for as long as you never stop praying.

And finally, if only to make the most out of “foundations” …. I hope that this delightful news from the foundation of our Alma Mater gladens your heart as much as it did, like a timely Father’s Day gift to ME…. Mio, in spite of his illness and several week-long absences, has managed to top his Preparatory class last year with a general average of 97.5 and merits him a Guardian Angel Award tomorrow at his school’s Honor’s Assembly!!! 😀 Yipee!!! Well deserved, don’t you think? Humbled in many ways, Mio’s Mom


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