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Family Time on Father’s Day

I may have sounded a bit negative on my Father’s Day post but the truth is, like on most days, I like that the absence of one does not make occasions any less special because our family is bigger with in-laws and families of in-laws coming together; and with friends that love us just like family. So this is how we spent Father’s Day. With cousins of cousins and sisters of brothers. 🙂

That’s Mio’s Tita Jonie and Tito Jon beside me (my siblings). 

Us three with Mio’s Dada (our Dad).

My sister and I with our eldest brother, Kuya Jon who’s a great dad and tito 

(pseudo dad to Mio too)

That’s Mio with his cousins Meg & Moira and their cousin Ate Sam.

Tita Clems, Tita Katre, me, Tita Jonie and Tita Evs

The whole Mendiola and Manalo families out on Father’s Day


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