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Downloadables for Presents!

Because it’s a Merry Christmas (a day late, sorry!) And Feedspot.com has awarded me with a badge as one of the Top 40 Filipina Beauty Bloggers (read about how it went down here) and subscribe to get a weekly dose of your favourite beauty blog posts from other more masipag bloggers! Even I follow them religiously 🙂 the only reason I’m part of this list is because the list is based on “Google repetition and search ranking, influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter (I’m not even on it!) and other social media sites, quality and consistency of posts (I bet I didn’t score any here!) and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.” For whatever reason you have for putting me on it, THANK YOU Feedspot!

I was saying, I have a present for everyone! We shuffled our gadgets around in the family to suit each teenager and child/ home business’s needs and I’m working with a new gadget which got me thinking about the wallpaper I want to remind me of my role when things go out of hand (or just something nice to look at). I like sorting my phone apps by folder and just have the ones I frequently use on the screen all the time and not having all of them looking back at me, later causing me to JUST BE on my phone for a million app reasons! So a nice wallpaper to “put them on” is nice. So if you’re like me or just want a refreshing look for your desktop or phone wallpaper, head on over my website’s IMAGE BRAND DESIGN drop down menu and you’ll see downloadable links of desktop and phone wallpapers for you (or just right click over the image you like below, open in a new tab to view original high-resolution image and save on your device). Will be uploading calendars and lists to help you through your day-to-day organising needs and hopefully help you make the small pretty things make the big chaotic ones more tolerable like me 😉

Happy Holidays guys!

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